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Webcam hacking is a very serious and growing problem! Hackers are secretly watching you via your computers webcam. The problem is both in private homes and in companies. At worst, hackers will try to blackmail you with pictures and recordings and for companies the risk is that the criminals access confidential information. Since protection is the main purpose of our products. We see it as our mission to protect everything you value. Including the privacy of you and your family and also your company’s values. Webcam hacking is real! And we are all potential victims. Get a camslider to protect yourself, your family, your colleagues. It’s simple. Really. Get TRUNK!


17 x 9 mm

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Would you like to get a little bit louder sometimes? Then do it simple and elegant. Dress-up your device in the TRUNK color you like. Draw attention. In a soft-spoken way. It’s simple. Really. Just get TRUNK.