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The TRUNK Manifesto

The Problem

So, you’ve been saving up and just bought a fancy new laptop. Congrats! But between vigorous travel, your morning cup of joe, and your toddler who loves to throw everything she can find, you are starting to feel like your new tech is at risk. We feel you. Let us help you with a little protection. Your wallet will thank you later. 

Lot of Things

You probably buy a lot of things. We all do. Things keep the world going round. Things allow us to stay connected with one another, make amazing foods, and listen to some head-bobbing music. However, everything costs money. Everything uses our world’s resources. And while virtually everything is replaceable, we believe in helping make things last a little bit longer. 

What Matters

At TRUNK, we believe in changing the relationship with the things we own. Your shiny new laptop or iPad is more than a possession. It’s an investment you decided to make in yourself. That investment should last you a long time. And if we have any say in it, we want to make that happen. While we want you to look stylish when you’re carrying around your TRUNK sleeve, we also want you to have peace of mind knowing we’re doing our part in protecting what matters; your investment in yourself. 

We Promise to do Our Best

We may not be the biggest company around, but that doesn’t mean we don’t truly care about our customers and their stuff. Send us a note, tag us on social. Let us know how we’re doing. Because we promise to make the best sleeve we can to protect your stuff. And, if we break that promise, we want to know.