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Our Origin Like An Old


Like An Old

Once Upon A Time...

Having known each other for 3 decades, Tina Vagtholm and Knud Erik Knudsen - co-founders of TRUNK, used to work together at an advertising agency; Knud as the boss-man of the establishment.  3 decades in, they almost seem like an old married couple. Finishing each other's sentences and with a few infidelity cases...

3 Decades In

Through one of their infidelity cases where Tina quit to start her own company, she ultimately found her way back to Knud. Hoping to make Knud a potential costumer of her new venture. Little did they know that this meeting would lead to the birth of what would soon become Sneakpeek, later TRUNK. What started as a side project, distributing American neoprene bags, turned out to be the defining moment in their careers.


Reflecting on those early days, Tina recalls: "We had no idea what we had agreed on. We just did it." 


Despite their lack of experience in the industry, coming from advertising, they dove headfirst into establishing themselves. Knud Erik aptly puts it: "We paved the road as we drove."

The Best Computer Sleeve Brand On The Planet

After a couple of years, the duo decided to venture out on their own, giving rise to TRUNK. Armed with the knowledge gained from their "previous life" and newfound expertise in the industry, they set out with the goal to create the best computer sleeve brand on the planet. A brand where convenience, design and functionality took center stage.

Why "TRUNK"?

Back in the day, when going West, the European immigrants kept their valuable belongings in a trunk in the back of a wagon. Letters, maps, money etc. Today we keep our valuables on our electronic devices. Our mission is to protect everyones valuable assets the best way possible and in a nice Nordic design. But we go for more. We aim at protecting what matters. It being relationships, family, yourself and anything else important.


TRUNK is not just about a sleeve. TRUNK is about protecting what matters.

What Matters

After TRUNK gained traction, something incredible happened – we teamed up with Elkjøp, the biggest electronics retailer in the Nordics. And just like that, our second brand KEEP was born. The KEEP concept wasn't just about making cool stuff; it was our first step in doing something meaningful, having a real mission that hits home. This was the start of "What Matters" for us – a journey that transcended product offerings to embody a purpose-driven commitment.

"Going into business with your former boss, might sound a bit unconventional. And truth be told, in many ways, Knud Erik and I are very different. Yet, it's precisely this diversity that makes our partnership so special. At the heart of TRUNK's success lies a perfect blend of human connection and business acumen. And ultimately, that’s what truly matters.

Our core belief in "What Matters" permeates every aspect of our business - from the unexpected beginnings of TRUNK, to our product’s reason for being as well as the message behind. It's all about protecting what truly matters in life: a personal note from a friend, all your holiday pictures, your wallet, unexpected relationships… You tell us."

- Tina Vagtholm 

Co-Founder of TRUNK